Monday, May 11, 2015

The Best Disney Twist on Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’!

This music video is a fun twist of Taylor Swift’s popular song, Shake It Off, featuring Disney characters shaking off their villains! It includes scenes of Cinderella shaking off her Stepmother and Step Sisters, Snow White shaking off the Evil Queen with her many dates (the Seven Dwarfs), Aladdin and Jasmine shaking off Jafar on their flying carpet, Elsa and Ana shaking off Hans, The Peter Pan gang in a band shaking off Hook, Tarzan, Jane, and his signature yell shaking off the Cheetah, and many more fun surprises with the characters of Disney.

The inspiration for the Shake it Off Disney Parody all started with RJ Idos and his dream. He was inspired by his friends and Youtube Sensations Stuart Edge, Keith Allen, and Alex Boye. After having the opportunity to work with them and build his portfolio, they helped spark RJ’s own desire to start his Youtube channel. The most important thing he wanted to accomplish was to create a video that would surely bring a smile to each person who watched it. His idea: Everyone loves Disney and everyone loves T-Swift! Why not put them together to create the ultimate parody sensation? Idos formed a team of friends and turned the idea into a reality.

Through networking and hard work, Idos created a team of talent who each had individual roles to help bring the Parody together. There were over seventy people involved in the production and it wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork. Watch the behind the scenes video for more details about what it took to turn the Shake it Off Disney Parody production into a masterpiece.

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